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Our Story

Unity by Design was inspired by our cofounders’ prior work as technical professionals.

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What we can do?

Our journey began with a simple yet profound recognition: talent knows no boundaries, but opportunities often do. As pioneers in the DEI staffing and recruiting industry, we have steadfastly held onto the belief that a vibrant tapestry of diverse individuals makes not just for a more equitable world but also for more innovative and resilient organizations.

At Unity by Design, we do more than fill positions. We bridge gaps. We are matchmakers at our core, pairing the brilliance of diverse talent with organizations that not only recognize but celebrate the value of each unique background, perspective, and experience. Our expertise in cutting-edge DEI practices lights the way, ensuring that our recruitment processes are free from the shadows of unconscious bias, illuminating a path to true meritocracy.

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Here’s to growth and happiness in every person’s career journey

As people from different backgrounds, we had the privilege of working for employers that celebrated diversity and saw a highly diverse workforce as a source of a competitive edge.

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Our Value

Recruitment company work with Effectiveness.

At Unity by Design, we dig deep: not just to probe on hard skills of technical job candidates. But to ensure your new employees work well as members of the team they join – and fit within your corporate culture.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading DEI-focused recruiting and consulting agency, recognized for our commitment to promoting equitable opportunities and fostering inclusive environments that empower individuals and organizations to thrive.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect diverse, talented individuals with inclusive organizations that value and prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), while providing expert DEI consulting services to support our clients in creating and maintaining diverse and inclusive workplaces.

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Result: a faster hiring process of technical team members – at a lower cost – and diverse recruits more likely to become outstanding contributors to your business in the long run. It’s the best of all worlds.

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At Unity by Design, we’re committed to helping you build a diverse, inclusive, and high-performing workforce that drives innovation and propels your business to new heights. Embrace the future of work by partnering with us today. Contact us to learn more about how our DEI recruiting and staffing services can transform your organization.